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Visionary AI Art Learning Collective

Find your own voice in the sea of machine learning

You want to make art for....

  •   Personal expression

  • Deep transformative work

  • Visually stunning storytelling

  • Channeled creations and dream work

  • Online branded content for your launch

  • Social media posts

  • Vision boarding and future casting

  • Visual journaling and story boarding

  • Satisfying your curiosity about generative art making

  • Anything else you can dream up   

You don’t want another high tech, disconnected, bro learning experience.


You want something personal with depth and inner growth.

You want something connected and collaborative where we

celebrate the f*ck out of each other.

You want to change your life and your community’s life expressing your inner world with art.








Inside the Visionary AI Art Learning Collective, you will experience:

  • A private, connected FB group community of like-minded expression-seekers

  • Self-paced software on-boarding lessons so you can start when you are ready

  • Creative Challenges to keep you inspired

  • Weekly live videos and Zooms featuring a variety of teachers offering:

    • Tips and tricks

    • Advanced AI art techniques

    • Portfolio reviews and critiques

    • Discord deep-dives

    • MidJourney and Playform tech support

    • Software + tech update information (this world is changing rapidly and it can be a challenge to keep up with the announcements on your own)

    • Art technique, history and style lessons from a certified art teacher

    • Access all replays inside the group

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As women, we are legendary at transforming fear into love through creativity and community.

Right now, we are at a pivotal point in the history of art making.

The same thing happened when the Impressionists hit the art scene in the late 1800's. These artists were considered RADICAL DISRUPTORS of how art was created, perceived, shared, and sold. They became outcasts, and opened their own salons as the art world rejected them (or did they reject the rigid establishment)?

Half a century prior to that, photography was invented, and the world grew crazed as artists complained and feared that "machines" would replace them.

Creating visually stunning and expressive art with AI can be easy and ethical and there is no reason for fear.


Artificial intelligence, also known as machine learning or generative art, is pixels on a screen that have been arranged in a certain way to create a visual representation of what the artist asks for.


You are in control of what you generate.

The art is not "cut and paste," the AI is not making a scrapbook out of other people's creations.

Consider I want a picture of an apple on a picnic blanket and this is what I ask for.

So the AI ponders, what is an apple? What is a blanket? It searches through it's database of concepts it has learned about "apples" and "blankets." It makes discoveries.

Perhaps apples are fruits, shades of yellow, green, or red, or spotted with brown, and somewhat round or oval.

Maybe blankets are rectangular or square, sometimes with a pattern, and might be laid out flat, with wrinkles, or without.

The AI then creates a sample image and asks, is this what you desire?

As the artist, you look at the sample, and then the dance REALLY begins as you communicate more clearly what you would like to create, and the AI attempts to get closer to your vision until you are satisfied.

This process can feel instantaneous or it can take a few minutes, and you WILL get better at creating your vision the more you learn about how to communicate with the AI.


Here are some truths and questions we deeply consider when making AI ART.


Am I stealing from other artists, living, or past?

No, you are not. As stated above, this isn't cut and paste from one artwork to another.

How can I ethically make AI art in the style of another artist?

That is explained and demonstrated inside the membership.

How can I protect and support living artists in this time of transformation?

Because data in the world is tagged and shared in vast databases, one of the easiest ways to is to make sure the tags on YOUR artwork do not reflect the names and styles of those artists. Simply changing a file name to identify the artwork with you, rather than them, is the first and most important way.

The second way has more to do with your own conscience and ethical code. When making art "in the style of" an artist, is what you created different from theirs? Does it look too much like a copy? Consider this carefully when claiming the art as your own.

How do I find my own voice inside the sea of same-looking AI art that’s being produced?

Social media is an echo-chamber. The AI craze exploded as various apps released their own AI generators. Suddenly, anyone could make a selfie that looked slightly magical. Then everyone started doing it... and socials were flooded with millions of pictures of women re-created as fairy princesses and Viking warrior queens. This is a major exploration inside the Collective. It takes practice and knowing yourself in order to create magical art that is all about  your own creative expression, and learning how to make this type of art will take you on that journey.

Can I leave anytime?

Hell yes, we want you to be free. You may easily manage your subscription from inside your site account.