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Welcome to MidJourney AI for Beginners

In these two videos you will learn how to:

Create your MidJourney AI account

Use the AI software in Discord platform

Write prompts to make really cool AI art

Control the settings in MidJourney AI

In about an hour you will easily be making your very own AI art and amazing your friend and fans!

👉To begin please download Discord (click here) on your laptop, desktop computer or mobile device. Set up a user name and password to create your account.


👉Once you have logged into Discord, come back here and click this link REB SET THIS UP to accept the invite to our private Discord server. This is where you will get started.

👉Now you can watch the first video!

Video #1- Onboarding

Video #2- How-to make AI art

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Continue learning

IF you are inlove with ai and want to join our learning collective, click here to sign up!

In the collective you will....
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